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exim4-spamassassin individual user prefs

Hi, I would like to figure out how to have exim use
the local users' spamassassin preferences.  My
understanding is that spam filter settings are
individual - one user's spam is another user's ham. 
Hence, a site-wide spam filter may be too generic. 
Since individual users have no input into site-wide
settings, I need a way to include individual settings.

I want to set up the system so that users get email by
using fetchmail through cron or a script. I figure
that I could speed things up further, from the
end-user perspective, by checking for spam and
transferring it into individual spam directories while
mail is going through the delivery process, instead of
having each user call spamassassin for each email
through a filter in their MUAs.  I know I can speed
things up by deleting spam outright, but nobody wants
to lose mail to false positives. So, it seems best to
check for spam, separate it from other mail, and then
let users review their spam and use sa-learn on their
own stuff.

I am currently using the exim4 and spamassassin from
unstable on a home lan.  There are five users, who
each download boat-loads of mail from IPs either via
fetchmail or directly through their MUAs.  They then
use spamassassin through indivudual MUA filters.
Direct lan emailing also works fine.  It may also be
important for any filtering to point out that except
for local lan mail, user names and email addresses
usually do not match.

I have been looking online and through the doc files,
and exiscan-acl-spec.txt., but I think I am becoming
more confused than enlightened, so I hoped people here
might share their wisdom and experiences regarding the
following questions.
Exim and its configuration have been debianized, so
are there any recommended debian ways to handle this?
If I use exiscan-acl can I set multiple users or use a
regular expression to indicate the proper user in a
"spam= " line?
Some options I have found include running mail through
exim twice.  Is this a bit
Would setting up a (pop|imap) server help in any way?
Should I use procmail (although, many people on
exim-users seem to find procmail inferior to exim's
Can this even be done in exim, maybe in conjunction
with ~/.forward files?
Is my current method best left as is?
Is there something else|better that I am missing?

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