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Re: Segfaulting WindowMaker

Karsten M. Self wrote:

My suggestion: run X bare (either 'X' or 'startx xterm') from console.
Launch windowmaker using strace, and log output.  When it crashes next,
look at the strace log.  Which is likely to be very, very long.

One issue I've found with recent (0.7x, 0.8x) WindowMaker releases is
that if you get enough application windows up, _if_ WindowMaker needs to
restart, then it crashes when switching to workspace #1.  Best I can
tell, there are too many tiles for it to deal with gracefully.  If I
close some apps, I can generally get things squared away.

This also appears to be resolution dependent -- the more screenspace you
have, the more apps you can run.  Right now I've got around 55 windows
open, on 8 workspaces.  Pretty typical.

What I ended up doing was apt-getting the source package and building
with debugging symbols.  I was able to attach to the process, using GDB
from a VT, and find the source of the problem.  Marcello emailed me when
they committed the chage upstream, and I tried out the CVS version,
but the bug is now in a different place.

It's on the back burner for me ATM since I am defending my thesis next.
At least it still works in FreeBSD when I boot that :-)


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