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Segfaulting WindowMaker

I had been using Daniel Stone's unofficial Xfree86 4.3 for several
months (which is no longer available).  Today I needed to compile
a program for one of my classes which requires that I have the
libxaw7-dev packages installed.  Of course since Stone's build is
no longer avilable, I had to update to the experimental Xfree86
from the Debian repository.

Of course, my system got seriously b0rked in the process since I
use the proprietary ATi drivers for my Radeon.  Anyhow, now WIndow
Maker segfaults whenevery I start it.  I get a little window that
says "Window Maker has received a signal 11."  Then I get three options
in a little dropdown list:

-Leave a core file and abort
-Attempt to restart
-Start an alternate window manager

The abort option just sends me back out to gdm.  The restart option
just redisplays the dialog and forces me to choose again.  The last
option starts twm.  In twm, I get my background image from Window
Maker but no dock apps.

This is very strange, but I am not sure where to go from here.
I have already uninstalled (purged) all the Window Maker packages
and reinstalled them.  I have also tried downgrading and get the same
exact results.


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