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Re: dual-monitor window manager

Johann Koenig <explosive@att.net> writes:

> Second, my WM of choice, enlightenment, seems to handle the monitors
> well. I have two identical desktop systems, and I can move through them
> independently. Example: I have 4 virtual desktops on each monitor, and
> can scroll through them with alt+f[1-4] or the mouse scroll. Thats
> really cool.
> The problem is that I can't drag apps between the monitors. Left is Left
> and Right is Right. Where I start it is where it stays. Is this the
> window managers' doing, or X's?

That's X's doing.  If you start an xterm on each screen and run 'echo
$DISPLAY', you'll probably see that one is running on :0.0 and the
other on :0.1.  You can't move things between X screens without some
help (look at the xmove and teleport packages).  You might have luck
using the XINERAMA extension to create a single X screen tiled across
both physical monitors, though.

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