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Re: antivirus recomendation?

> Ah OK, I'm looking for OSS solutions tho. I see what's available in
> my cache, I just want some recommendations on what people have used
> available from the Debian Woody download list. If there are options only
> available to testing or unstable users, than I'd appreciate knowing of a
> any good product that's NOT commercial/shareware.
> But, thanks for taking the time to answer.

This mailing list did a great job in helping me set up my mail server. I was
using stable, but upgraded to testing. I probably should have stayed with
stable, and just used backports ( for security updates) - but whatever. I'm

What worked for me is: exim4 for the MTA. Fetchmail for grabbing my POP mail
from my ISP. Courier-imap (and courier-pop3d) for IMAP and POP support. For
anti-virus I'm using ClamAV. It didn't pass ALL anti-virus tests, but it's
doing a good job. The list also had info on rejecting virus mail bfore
accpeting it via SMTP. I'm also reecting .com, .bat, .exe files (and a bunch
of others). SWEN hasn't hit me at all. I'm not usng Spam Assassin, so I do
get an occasional spam. My PC only has 16 meg RAM, 850 meg harddisk and 100
Mhz processor, so I'll accept the occasional spam for now.

Go here: http://ursine.ca/~baloo/clamd-exiscan.txt for a very good overview.

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