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Re: Learning debian Linux

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 12:43, ben wrote:

> first, whoever wrote that debian is the best choice for a novice was
> smoking out of the wrong end of his pipe. more competent commentators
> have said that it's not necessarily the linux to start with, but the one
> to end up with. very few tend to go with debian from the start, which
> doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go. i'm sure there must be some
> here who did stick with it from the first try.

Me :)
After a false start with Suse, I chose Debian because I not only wanted
to have a running Linux, but also wanted to have a certain level of
understanding what is going on in the box.
While auto-configuration may be a good thing, I found it to come along
with a certain mother-knows-best attitude that was not suitable to help
me with my goals. And the way you have to configure everything through
Yast, an "open this, click there, chose that" sort of configuration that
was so painfully similar to the OS I wanted to leave...

To cut a long tale short, Debian was far more suitable for my approach
to Linux. And while I wouldn't recommend it to any stranger, I'd like to
point out that it is a perfectly suitable distro to start with for
people who are not only willing but _eager_ to learn.

You need to get a good book or two, though. My personal recommendation
would be Paul Sheer's "Rute user's tutorial and exposition". I came
across this one rather late, but it is the book I'd like to have had
when I started.


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