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Re: Learning debian Linux

Knut Willy wrote:
> I am a novice at Linux. Never used it, but want to teach myself.
> 1. Have a Windows-98 PC, which has internet connection.
>    Do not intend to use Linux on this one.
>    Afraid of having two operating systems on same machine.

Don't !

A save way  can be to partition your PC with a Windows tools
(as PartitionMagic) and create a Linux partition with it.

> 2.  Have a portable Compaq PC, (Windows-95) on which I intend to install
> Linux.
>    This Compaq has no internet connection, no CD station.  Only a A:
> station for 1,44 mb diskettes.

> 3. My intention is to do all downloading on the Win-98 PC, and then copy
> everything over to the Compaq, using diskettes.

You will need a lot of floppies

> 4. I read somewhere that Debian Linux is the best choice for a novice
> learner.

This is indeed a good choice

  And also that one does not need to install EVERYTHING from Linux.
>   Just a small starter package will do. A minimum package.
> 5. Is it possible to go ahead as I have mentioned above?

Note that, in general, install Linux on a laptop is less easy than
install it on desktop due to the hardware.


Jerome BENOIT, Ph.D.

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