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Re: Trying to get modem to work with Debian

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 08:09:01PM -0500, JAMES MERRITT wrote:

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> I have a US Robotics USR5699B PCI modem and I am trying to get it
> installed under Debian Woody.  According to Windows, it is installed
> on COM5, IRQ 11.
> Under Debian, I had to create the com port as ttyS5, then use
> setserial /dev/ttyS5 irq 11.  Then I tried using wvdial and that does
> not work, apparently it does not recognize the port.  I don't remember
> the exact error messages.  Since I am using KDE, I tried using kppp,
> but kpp does not give the choice of /dev/ttyS5.
> 1.  Will this modem work under Debian or am I wasting my time?
> 2.  If it will work, how do I get kppp to recognize /dev/ttyS5? Of
> more to the point, how do I get this modem to work?

I have no idea whether that modem will work or not, but I do know that
since Windows starts counting at 1, where Linux starts at 0, you're
probably looking for /dev/ttys4.

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