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Re: missing package for kdebase?


* Robert L. Harris <Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net> [031119 09:55]:
>   Due to a hard disk failure I am stuck rebuilding my wife's machine.
> So far it's going great and the box is up and 90% there.  All that's
> left is installing kdebase + some support packages.  When I try to
> install kdebase I get some errors saying it needs ksysguard, ksysguardd
> and libsensors-1debian1.  There doesn't appear to be a
> libsensors-1debian1 anywhere I can find.  Is there a way to force the
> download of everything excep the ksysgu* stuff?

Don't instal the kdebase package. Just install all the stuff that
kdebase depends on that are installable. 


apt-get install kappfinder kate kcontrol kdebase-bin ... etc.

> I don't have the space anywhere to mirror the debian trees so I can't
> just run a find on local disk and do a "dpkg -i --force-depends".

You shouldn't force anything anyway. Debian not RedHat ;-)



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