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integrated spell check for vim

Is there an quasi intelligent way of spell checking files from within vim?
I'm looking for the ability to:
	- ignore tags (or possibly even tell me if a tag is not part of a DTD,
	  but one thing at a time)
	- set the dictionary (e.g. UK or US English)

I typically spell check my documents with ispell -c, but I'd prefer to do
the checking without having to quit vim to spell check the document.

I just installed gvim (I've been quite happily managing without the extra
pulldown bits for years, but figured I'd give it a shot). I noticed that
the locales package was grabbed at the same time, but :spell and :SPCheck
both say the command is not found.


Emma Jane Hogbin
[[ 416 417 2868 ][ www.xtrinsic.com ]]

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