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Bug #220623: LVM and devfs

To get te the point, how ho I change an i686 3.0r1 system with
proposed-updates and the 2.4.22-2-686-smp kernel to be devfs?  I would
be most happy with pointers to Linux general documentation on how to

The story: I was setting up an i686 system with woody that needed a
driver I was not able to find with kernels shipped with 3.0r1 (the tg3
driver), so I added proposed-updates to my sources and installed
2.4.22-2-686-smp, the rest of the story is described in bug #220623.
While, as said in the bug description, I did get it working, Patrick
Caulfield submitted to my bug report that "If you're using devfs and
LVM then devfs *must* be mounted.".  I tried booting a system with the
kernel option to mount devfs, but it wasn't happy (I'll post a better
description of the error tomorrow if wished).


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