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Re: mailfilter: installing under Debian

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"Ross Boylan" <RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org> wrote:

> Judging by my own experience and posts on debian-user, it is not
> obvious how to set up mailfilter properly on Debian.  It would be good
> to document this, or even to add it to the setup scripts.  I am not
> sure to what extent it is safe to automate, but I have provided some
> suggestions that might be good to add to README.Debian:
[Suggestions for README.Debian]

Hrm. Describes a special setup with fetchmail as a system daemon.
That way isnt good if you have more than one user as the mailfilter
rules then apply to both of them. Bad if a rule from user A deletes
mail from B or similar.
So I dont think i include your text into Readme.Debian and there is no
good way to do automatic configuration at package install time, its not
a thing only root configures.

What i would include is something about setup of cronjobs or different
MUAs to run mailfilter. Especially for the MUA thing i would include it
into Upstream Source too. Suggestions to me please. :)

bye Joerg
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