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Re: (newbie) Still no network...

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 11:48:45PM -0500, Kevin Krumwiede wrote:

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> I've installed 3.0r1 a few times now on my laptop, and I'm still
> running into problems.  I used apt-get to install a newer kernel-image
> and matching kernel-pcmcia-modules.  It boots, but pcmcia won't load
> and I have no network.  Assuming I start with a fresh install, what
> commands should I run to upgrade the kernel without screwing
> everything up? (My reason for wanting to upgrade the kernel is the
> hideous framebuffer console that can't be turned off in the stock
> kernel...) 

Check out the Very Verbose Guide:

> > BTW, is there a program analogous to RedHat's chkconfig?

Never heard of it, but there are some nifty kernel-building helper tools
in Debian.  The above-linked guide assumes you want to use them.
make-kpkg in particular.

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