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Re: Installing modem.

Hoyt Bailey wrote:
I recieved my USR5610B and replaced the Intel winmodem.  Turned on the
computer and it dialed the ISP in Windows.  So I said hey this is going to
be easy.  Went to U.S. Robitics website and no debian driver only RH,
Mandrake, & SUSE.  Ok I can do rpm.  downloaded rpm driver put it on a CD
and booted debian.  Did ^alt F1 read man rpm & man alien.  No problem
mounted CD issued alien -i </cdrom/<pkgname> ran ok w/no errors.  Checked
for files 3commdn and found the following:
Read the copyright file and there is a statement (Not Installed).  Went back
to X & read the log XFree86 no indication of modem. Tryed to start
connection -No-.  Any Suggestions?

From U.S. Robotic Installation guide
pag 4:
Linux 2.3 and Higher Users NOTE: All 2.3 and higher Linux kernels contain the U.S. Robotics Linux modem drivers. Installation of the modem under this kernel is fully automatic provided your kernel has the Plug and Play module enabled (default).
page 6
If you have Linux Reboot the PC and note that another serial port is listed along with the device name (/dev/ttyX), indicating the modem is present. Log in to the system. Check that the modem is communicating properly. If working in a shell environment, start a Minicom terminal session from the terminal prompt. If using X Windows, use Minicom through a shell window or use the dial-up program (Kppp or equivalent). Make sure that your internal modem is physically installed correctly in your computer. With power off, press the modem in firmly so that it is seated properly in its slot. When the modem is installed correctly, you will no longer see any part of the gold edge. If your modem still does not work, you may need to remove it and reinstall it in another available PCI slot. Shut down and restart your PC.

Downloaded from:

Take a breath a read carefully and go slow you are maybe repeating same mistake again and again.

But if you still having problems and you want to try this rpm, looks like alien can't make a good debianizing, you can try installing rpm package, but the same package say:

Description: Red Hat Package Manager
 If you want to install Red Hat Packages then please use the alien
 package. Using RPM directly will bypass the Debian packaging system!

Well i hope you can make it without this last, but just another idea to make your modem get ready!!.

BTW wich kernel you use?:
uname -a
will tell you.
I hope this help you.

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