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Re: mailfilter bug?

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:10:18 +0800, kmark+debian wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
>> csj wrote:
>> > Before I file a bug report, I'd like to confirm the behavior I
>> > describe below.
>> >
>> > I have in my my ~/.mailfilterrc a DENY rule for "^Subject:.*Test" and
>> > ALLOW rules for "marssociety" and "marssocietynewsletter":
>> >
>> > $ grep -Ei 'test|marssociety' ~/.mailfilterrc DENY=^Subject:.*Test
>> > ALLOW=^To:.*marssocietynewsletter
>> > ALLOW=^Reply-To:.*marssociety
>> > ALLOW=^Subject:.*marssociety
>> >
>> > I found out this morning that an email with the word "Contest" in the
>> > Subject was deleted by mailfilter (according to my log).  The email
>> > also had "[marssocietynewsletter]" in the Subject and I suspect,
>> > given the format of previous communications, also "marssociety" in
>> > the Reply-To.  The email therefore should have passed two of my ALLOW
>> > rules.
>> >
>> > Shouldn't the ALLOW rule (allow all emails with "marssociety" in the
>> > Subject) take precedence over the DENY rule (delete all emails
>> > containing with the word or word part "test")?
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> I don't know much about mailfilter, but it seems as though the rules
>> are being applied in the order encountered.  You may need to move yoru
>> DENY rule to a position after the ALLOW rules. Just a thought.
>> -Roberto
> Hi,
> Since swen, I started using mailfiter with differing degrees of success.
> I tried to look at the basic docs and there is no explicit mention of
> the way the rules are evaluated. top down, bottom up, allow then deny,
> etc. Unless someone knows of docs i've missed, i'd say peek at the
> source.
> -Kev

I set up mailfilter in response to swen. I found that the ponly way to
stop them was by limiting size. All other rules set in DENY or ALLOW
seemed to be non-functional. In the end, I unset the size command, put a
local rule for spamassassin in ~./spamassassin/user_preferences/local.cf
for this:


Now then - why were the .mailfilterrc rules unable to screen the crap? 

All the best,


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