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a few Qs about debian's apt


a friend of mine has some questions regarding debian. hope you guys could
help me answer them :)

1) does 'apt-get upgrade' upgrades:
i) the kernel,
ii) base apps
iii) local apps (/usr/local)

2) where does apt-get saves all it package information?

3) is there a way to just upgrade the local apps instead of all
local/kernel/base at the same time? if so what is the apt-get argument?

4) what do we do if we need to synchronize the package information manually,
say for some reason apt-get fails to include version information on newly
installed package; it's still using the old version although the package has
been overwritten by the latest version?

how do debian define non-base apps? in the bsds, non-base apps which is
called local apps are those not part of the vendor-approved base
distribution. for example, apache13 is part of openbsd 3.4 base system while
apache2 isn't so if were i to deploy apache2, it would be defined as local
apps and be place in /usr/local. apache13, as opposed, is placed in /usr.
getting back to debian, say for an application that is not part of debian
base distribution, how do we go about getting apt-get to upgrade them, or
does debian does not segregate the definitions of base/local apps? any
program, (say postfix) that is installed regardless whether it's in the
debian-cd or some other sites are always be defined as base apps or just
apps, am i right?

wK (www.doubleukay.com)

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