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Re: nice

"Hoyt Bailey" <hoyt13@wiredok.com> writes:

> There was some discussion about nice -10 a few days ago and the question was
> how to set nice.  The command is nice -10 <command name>.
> Reference debian "reference".
> In Linux:
> nice:  Range -20 (Not nice) to 19 (Very nice)
> In English:
> Priority level: 1 to 39.

That's only sort of correct.  The default niceness is 0, and you can't
get negative niceness without being root.  The "priority" that top,
ps, etc. report is only sort of related to niceness; it's a number
that comes out of the kernel process scheduler.  But otherwise, yes,
lower (even negative) niceness implies higher priority.  You can also
use renice(8) to change the niceness of an existing process.

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