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Line editors

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003 17:13:01 +0000,
Pigeon wrote:


> ed is /bin/ed - the *nix equivalent of Edlin... I use it for
> simple/repetitive edits (like sticking "> " at the beginning of
> each line of something I'm going to quote) and/or where I don't
> want to lose the context of what I'm working on by wiping out
> the contents of the screen opening a full screen editor.

Sometimes I find sed to be much handier than ed.  One thing I
miss in ed is my shell's history function.  If I have to operate
on multiple lines I tend to use "sed 's|xxx|yyy| ... ;
s|XXX|YYY|' file.txt".  If I mistype "s|xxy" instead of "s|xxx",
I can just Ctrl-P and (re)edit my last command.

Sed is of course a stream editor.  So I'm just wondering if
anybody knows of a line editor with a multiline history function.

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