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Re: X server wont start again.

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 04:58:43PM -0600, Hoyt Bailey wrote:
> I checked XFree86Config-4 and it had changed but I still dont know how. The
> change was the driver and the video card.
> Old                        New
> nvidia                        nv        Driver
> GeForce4 MX440    Generic Video Card
> I changed it back to the old config it still wont start and the only thing I
> can find is: "the nice level is set to 0 not -10 as recommeded".  Where do
> you set the nice level?

FWIW, I always get that message, but it never prevents X from 


David Jardine

"Running Debian GNU/Linux and
loving every minute of it." -Sacher M.

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