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Re: X server wont start again.


Hoyt Bailey (<hoyt13@wiredok.com>) wrote:

> I checked XFree86Config-4 and it had changed but I still dont know
> how. The change was the driver and the video card.
> Old                        New
> nvidia                        nv        Driver
> GeForce4 MX440    Generic Video Card
> I changed it back to the old config it still wont start and the only
> thing I
> can find is: "the nice level is set to 0 not -10 as recommeded". 
> Where do you set the nice level?

Maybe that's not the problem. Check your "Screen" Section. The name of
the graphic card to use is also mentioned there and probably still set
to "Generic Video Card", while you changed it to "GeForce4 MX440" in
the "Device" section. Both names must be identical. By the way, it
would be a safer way to run

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

and select the "nvidia" driver. This way, debconf will know of your
settings and not change them back again the next time X us upgraded or
debconf reconfigures the XFree config. You need the nvidia driver
anyway because your GF4 is not supported by the version of XFree you
run. Or you tell debconf not to manage the XFree config at all.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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