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Re: GUI login screen.

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Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 16:24
Subject: Re: GUI login screen.

> On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 at 21:50 GMT, Hoyt Bailey penned:
> >
> > The point being an example of
> > Mainframe Mentality that seems to be growing in the Linux community
> > (as someone mentioned a few days ago).  Everyone should consider the
> > future. What is the future of Linux?  It should be to take over the
> > Windows boxes it cant happen if everyone follows RH.
> ...
> > "It's just that it's so amazingly silly that people have trouble
> > beliving that it is what you 'really want'." or "Debian tends to be
> > geared more toward multi-user computers" an example of MM.  People
> > have told me that their computer works just like I think mine should
> > and they dont understand what the problem is. I think you should
> > consider what is the purpose of the "faces" program which I noticed in
> > my gnome start menu. Just because you dont use GUI dosent mean that
> > others shouldnt and Linux isnt going to ever be as popular as Windows
> > unless it becomes as user friendly as windows.  In my opinion and you
> > have the freedom to feel differently.
> You assume that the future of linux should be to take over the Windows
> boxes.  Why?  Some people would like to see that, but that isn't the
> only possible point.  Linus himself would vehemently disagree.  His
> purpose for linux is to build the best damn operating system he can,
> according to his definitions.  If it happens to take out the windows
> market, fine, but if it doesn't, *shrug*.
> If "linux" (which covers a lot of territory) becomes as user-friendly as
> windows, it will become quite crackable.  That's not something that I
> want.
> Please consider that the reason that Debian is set up with certain
> defaults is that -- brace yourself -- overwhelmingly, the debian users
> like it that way.  Debian users tend to prefer security to ease of use.
> Debian users tend to prefer command-line solutions to GUIs.  Debian
> users tend to want to understand their system, not just use it.
> There are many distros out there, and while I adore Debian, I only
> recommend it to the subset of my friends who will probably appreciate
> it.  There are many people who are happier with other distros.
> -- 
> monique
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> Whatever it takes, just don't CC me!  I'm already subscribed!!
You are entitled and encourged to use linux however you wish.  I would not
like for linux to become exclusive for the Cray's of the world nor should it
become exclusive to the home user box there is room for both.  Just look at
what 'setti' was able to do with the 1000's of home user's boxes that
allowed their home computers to be used by setti when they wernt using them.
It was the equivelent of a several(maybe 100's) of large mainframes. I
believe it is still going on today as well as several medical groups and
even environmental groups.  I think this is a worthy use and perhaps this is
where linux should go. I expect Linus would be pleased with this use of the
best damn operating system in this world.

Your comment about 'crackable' doesnt have to be true.  The average windows
user doesnt know or care about what the coputer is doing or how it is doing
it.  The crackers have been too lazy to figure out how to crack a linux
system easily.  Remember this is just a computer program [1-0] and any
system devised by man can be beaten by another man(or woman) if they are so
inclined. It would take a lot of intelligence and work to do it but dont
think it cant be done.

Linux is so versital that it provides an option for everyone from the
largest cray to the smallest user box and they can all do cosmology math.
However you want to use this feel free but dont stop anyone who wants to do
it another way. Let Freedom rule.

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