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Re: Multi-user Ruby (was Re: XFree86 4.3 in stable sarge - how likely)

Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
On Monday 03 November 2003 22:58, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Hold it... If you get this one then you get something terrific
besides just getting 4.3.0: XFree86's that will run side-by-side on
separate display cards. I am using this one right now. I am logged in
on a 17" monitor and to the left of me is another 17" monitor that my
wife uses and the 2 are connected to 2 Nvidia cards (TNT2-AGP,
GeForce4-MX440-PCI) in the one PC in between the 2, running Debian.

Wow! This is actually my big project right now! In fact, I've been working on it for about two weeks. I don't think it is easy. But it was the only way we could afford and have space for two "computers"... I must say, 4.3 makes everything very pretty. Fonts have improved incredibly since 4.1, and makes text much more readable.

You have to get a kernel patch to be able to also have separate
keyboards that keep their input apart. There are 3: 2.4.21, 2.4.22
and 2.6.0. The best one is 2.4.22. I have used all three.

You should run gdm as display manager because it will sequentially
start the XFree's and take them down in reverse, because if you use
xdm or kdm you might not have an vga-text console as a result.

Yup. I've been sticking to kdm for the time being. Plan to go with gdm once I'm upgrading to 2.6, but right now, I couldn't get 2.6 to run.

Caveat: no framebuffers. At least not with my graphic cards. There
are other cards running with framebuffers on 2.6.0

Yeah. I've got a Matrox G450 DH, I think that should work (I'm using a Matrox Mystique as the second now).

Folks this is the greatest thing since Linux and Debian...

Yeah, once you get it working.... I have to PS/2 keyboards and a couple of PS/2+VGA cable extensions + a Tangtop USBPS2 adapter. I could run both mice on USB ports OK, but because physical space constraints now I need to run them in a configuration where the primary mouse and keyboard are on the PS/2 ports and the secondary are on the USBPS2 adapter. That's a lot harder. I'm discussing this on the linuxconsole-dev list right now, but ideas are always appreciated.

One prob. seems to be the large number of hw combinations possible:
I have 2 USB A4Tech optical mice and 2 PS/2 IBM Model M keyboards.
The keyboards go in the "normal" kbd and mouse mini-DIN slots and I have 4 USB ports and the mice go in 2 of them and the USB scanner in a third.

HID finds eveything. 2.4.22 and gdm are the recipe for me. Even gpm doesn't die and I recently have had no VGA-text console wipe-outs, where he "forgets" what was on a vc...


Basically, it seems like the keyboard is detected, but then HID just suddenly gives up breath, and the mouse isn't. This are some lines from my dmesg:
input: USB HID v1.00 Keyboard [Tangtop Generic USBPS2] on usb-00:04.2-2
usb.c: hid driver claimed interface dfe5a3c0
host/usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 2, frame# 827
hid-core.c: ctrl urb status -75 received
However, both are detected under my debian 2.4.22 kernel. My logs and configs for this system is at http://dev.kjernsmo.net/tmp/multi-user-logs3/
if anybody wants a look... :-)

And I just changed my sources list and ran apt-get dist-upgrade...

Wow... :-)


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