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Re: source.list won't stat (problem gone)

> In future, it would be a *massive* help to us if you could include the
> full error that you see.  Ideally without wrapping, without
> indentation, etc.

I understand, but since I can't copy from xterm (don't know if it is
broken or I'm expecting too much of it), I have to pipe output,
etc. So in quick exchanges I take shortcuts that I shouldn't. My

> > However, when I try it now it works. All I did was to uncomment the
> > earlier URLs. No idea what changed (I don't _think_ I foolishly had a
> > space at start of the lines).=20
> Were you online at the time?  "apt-get update" will hit each source in
> the file, so if you're offline or your DNS is broken or...whatever, then
> apt-get will fail.

Yup, I'm always on line. But this good to keep in mind.


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