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Re: OT Tape backup recomendations - disks

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, David Purton wrote:

> Actaully we'd probably risk it with 3 disks - so at any given time we
> have two full snapshots and then use the third disk for daily
> backups. So drves would be not such a bad option.
> Also does anyone know anything about these Mobile Rack Hard Disk bays?

if you use "mobile racks" ... 
	- you're gonna assume that those those are changed daily
	- its working properly

	those things caoses $5.00 - $100 depending on model and features

	- there's no such thing as hotswap ide
	( how do you know nothing was writing data to it ?? )

	- its best to power down the box, and install the drive bays

- full backups takes too much space ... and hard to span a month or 6
  months  of backups when using only "full backups"

- only backup what you consider important data
	( let's /home  and /etc  )

	/usr and other system files are already on your original cdrom

c ya

possible 3 disk backup strategies ...
	# assume yesterday's back or last weeks full backup was bad ...
	# 	- what do you do ??
	# assume your disk crashed on your backup servers
	#	- power surge ro something whacky
	- put one disk in each of 3 different PCs
		evenly spread all backups across all 3 disks
		alternating and taking turns daily

	- always do incremental backup since your last full backup +1
	more day
		find /home /etc -mtime -8
		( or a running count since full backups )

	- always do incremental weekly backups 
	( spanning 2 full backups  ( 21 or 30 days) of changes )
		find /home /etc -mtime -22

	- always do incremental monthly backups spanning 3 or 6 months
		find /home /etc -mtime -93 ....

	- incremental changes should be small ...

	- if you have tons of *.MP3 or tons of *.larg-files, those
	should be backed up separately to other "backup data disks"
	and NOT backed up w/ system and corp data

- lots of ways for backups to fail .. ( tape or disks ) and how to get
  around it

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