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Re: OT Tape backup recomendations -easier

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, David Purton wrote:

> > > What are debian users recommendations for backups?

> > > We are a small business and back up about 15GB on a weekly basis, with
> > > daily differentials inbetween.
> > 
> > get a similar/identical tape drive ... so all your old archives
> > still is readable ... and media is recyclable and usable
> This would be nice, but my brief reseach so far suggests that there is
> not much around now that will write to HP Colorado 5GB tapes...
> We don't use tape for long term storage - we keep about a fortnights
> worth of files on tape.

that makes things tons easier...
	- get any (DLT) tape drive with the desired capacity
	( preferably one that obeys "eject /dev/tape" so 
	( the tape cannot be overwritten if somebody forgets to change it
	- eject tape should be the last thing the tape backup does

	- depending on your budget, that could be anywhere from
	$200 tape drives to $5,000 drives for roughly the same order
	of magnitude capacities
		- exabyte drives are probably better

		- i'd get 2 cheaper tape drives instead of one expensive
		one .. even $10,000 tape drives will find its way back
		home ( to the repair shop ) regularly at the wrong time

- my "tape backups" consists of "a handful of big disks (250GBeac) 
  for 1TB backup onto one 1u shelf " 
	- or lots of itty bitty left spaces spread across the world

c ya

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