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Re: Microsoft good press over Longhorn

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On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 08:41:58AM -0800, Tom wrote:
> Remember when you were 15 and got a beer?  You went and drank it in some 
> dumb place, made a huge deal about it, told your friends stories about 
> it, and generally did a lot of immature stuff.

My father's girlfriend gave it to me, I was stupid and drank it in the
hot Californian sun (I'm Oregonian, so heat and alcohol don't mix),
and spent the rest of the afternoon with a nasty headache.  It was a
Miller Lite, a beer I haven't gone back to since then.

Right now, if anybody's curious, my favorite is Rock Bottom Brewery's
Multnomah Porter, but I'm drinking a Kokanee right now.

> Folks in the Netherlands act like that over pot: they mix it with 
> tobacco to cut down on the smell and so they won't get "plastered".  
> Sure, if you hand 'em a bong, they'll hit it, but they are damn sure 
> gonna finish they're conversation first!  Both sides make the mistake of 
> assuming pot must equal getting plastered.

I agree.  Though half the fun of smoking pot is the conversation.  8:o)

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