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Does anyone have any information on MBone on where or how I can

After some struggling I finally got all the software I think I
need to participate including mrouted, sdr, vic, rat, wbd, and
nte.  I have successfully setup a conference between local
computers, but I haven't crossed any subnets as my ISP doesn't
seem to provide mbone connectivity.  Also, quite a few links
for mbone I've found are either dead or dated somewhere from
94-99.  Is mbone dead or dying now?  A calendar of events I
found showed quite a few things happening per month in '97,
but in '99, the last year it was updated showed only about 1-2
events per month and one was a private broadcast.

I sense much NT in you.
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Bluescreen leads to downtime.
Downtime leads to suffering.
NT is the path to the darkside.
Powerful Unix is.

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