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chat-class room package

I would like to give under GPL to the community a chat-class room
written in php a while ago that we developed. Now, none of the creators
is a professional programmer, we are just mathematicians, so I am sure
that there is plenty of room for improvement. It is a combination of
bash scripts to recycle/transform images that are loaded to the
chat-class room with the basic skeleton written in php. There are
probably 200 other similar programs out there, this is probably not the
best. I can add that we have been using this sofware to hold private
communications, by hosting the package in our home computer, for
See a snapshot in
I am subscribed to the general users list, but not to the education
list. I would like to know if there are any steps that must be taken
before releasing under GPL, besides the obvious note about it in the
If there is any developer or anyone interested, please let me know, to
prepare a tar.ball and make it available for download.

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