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Re: [ot] Linux gender in French

Le Dimanche 2 Novembre 2003 07:20, Bijan Soleymani a déclamé :
> > Hmmm... what exactly does the word "Linux" sound like in French?
> The Li is kind of like Lee,
> the nux is kind of like nooks.

 It seems that people speaking only English can't pronounce the 'u' the 
way we use it - does not seem to exist in English. This is the same as 
the 'ü' in German if it can help someone (we're the only language to 
pronounce 'u' that way...)

Christophe Courtois - Ostwald, Alsace, France
http://www.courtois.cc/ - Clé PGP : 0F33E837
I disagree _strongly_ that pointers are a misfeature of C.
They are a very useful tool. However, misuse of pointers
is a misfeature of some programmers.
 -- Anthony DeReobertis, Debian-user list, 12th March 2002

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