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Re: [ot] Linux gender in French

Le Dimanche 2 Novembre 2003 16:56, Hugo Vanwoerkom a déclamé :
> Christophe Courtois wrote:
> > Le Dimanche 2 Novembre 2003 03:42, Wesley J Landaker a déclamé :
> >>a native French speaker, and although I've got *fairly* good inuition
> >>into a word's gender, I still make mistakes! ;)
> >  Don't worry, even French people don't always know all genders :-)
> True, but having lived in Mexico for the last 10 years and speaking
> Spanish, I note with regret that genders are "built-in" and if you come
> from a more or less genderless background (the Netherlands, US) then
> you never get it: it just refuses to become automatic.

 As there is almost no logic, this normal. And it changes from language to 
language: when speaking German I always wonder which gender to use for 
half of words - and they have three genders... :-(
 When learning Latin, I had to learn many of them too - as French comes 
from it, you could expect some coherence - but no! 

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