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Re: D-link DFE-530tx

Thus spake Rob Weir (rweir@ertius.org):

> On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 12:25:42PM -0500, ScruLoose said
> > The worst part is that I've heard a rumour saying the DFE-530TX comes
> > with various different chipsets, so if yours is from a different
> > batch/week/moodswing than mine, it may not be via-rhine at all. I don't
> > actually _know_ this, but I've heard it on this mailing list.
> I don't know if the DFE-530TX uses more than one chipset, but the
> DFE-530TX+ uses a completely different one; tulip, IIRC.  Sure screwed
> me around when I bought one of these d-link cards a few years back.

It may be the chipset that is the problem. I have a DFE-530TX and it
was so easy to get working (my desktop is running testing) that I
bought another a few weeks later when my wife jumped ship to debian
(from Windoze) and it worked a treat with woody.

This was last Decemeber, so more recent cards may have a different

My lspci says I have a 'rev A' card (although the Via Rhine chipset on
it is apparently rev 43).
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