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Re: Can't install networking.

On Sat, 01 Nov 2003 at 13:54 GMT, Mark Healey penned:
>>That simply means that you're running the linux kernel, version
>>2.4.18-bf2.4, and your machine name is utonium (is this related to the
>>powerpuff girls?).
> Yes.

Cool!  My machines tend to be super mario bros. characters.

>>Where is "there"?  The interpretation that springs to mind is that you
>>searched through the kernel configuration screen using 'make xconfig'
>>or similar, but I suspect that's not what you mean.
> There was no bcm4400.o in the "net section".

By "net section," do you mean in dselect?

Sorry for the 20 questions; I'm not trying to be obnoxious, just trying
to understand.

> I should mention that I had to download this from Broadcom.  I have a
> CD with a source RPM and a .tar.gz.  On an earlier attempt I tried to
> compile it from source but after I expanded the .tar.gz I couldn't
> extract resulting .tar.  I'd run tar -x bcm4400-2.5.0.tar and nothing.
> No disk activity, no expansion, I'd have to control-c out of the
> program.

I believe that tar operates on stdin by default.  To "untar" a gzipped
and tarred file, try this:

tar xzvf blah.tar.gz

the f tells it to read from a file, rather than from stdin.  x extracts,
z tells it to unzip it first, and v tells it to be "verbose," which
generally means to give you a list of the files being extracted.

I'm not sure what to do with source RPMs, so I can't really comment on

> I checked my scrounge box and didn't have any.  Something I learned
> from my first Redhat attempt is that by the time a piece of hardware
> is supported by Linux it is frequently no longer available in the
> stores.

Hrm.  The very basic, cheapo linksys cards have always worked for me on
linux.  IIRC dlink has, too.

> I'm going to install once again from the "vanilla" CD since the module
> doesn't seem to be compiled into the "bf2.4" one as I was told.

Where exactly did you get the CDs from?  If they're stable, which I'm
betting they are, then the driver support will be pretty old, and you're
probably not going to get this to work with just a plain old installer.

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