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Re: Apt-get: move from cdrom to online-sources

Jakob, a little light is begging to shine. In my reading I did not see
anything about apt-cdrom, and so had to guess what had to be added to
the config file. I guessed, wrong, it seems.

> >   Err http://ftp.br.debian.org woody/main Packages
> >     Could not connect to ( - connect
> >           (111 Connection refused)
> Hello,
> this means that your proxy is down. Remove the proxy settings from your /etc/
> apt.conf and run apt-get update again.

I removed the http subsection I had put into the /etc/apt/apt.conf
file, and ran the apt-get update. Not sure if I succeeded. There was a
lot I missed because scrolled off my xterm, and I can't copy/paste
from xterm to get a decent example.

However, from what I see, there's a lot about apt-get update should
not be used to add new cds; I should use apt-cdrom for that (now that
I know such a command exists, the man page is somewhat useful). A set
of warnings like this is repeated for each of the seven original disks
I had used to install debian. In fact, the entire response that I can
see consists of this, except for the three final lines: Reading
package lists..., Building dependency tree..., E: some index files
failed to download.

So I'm not sure if my command succeeded or not. However, when I run #
aptitude install <package_not_on_my_cdroms>, it does not seek for it
on the web, but just a bunch of warnings that it could not stat source
package list cdrom. 



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