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Re: restarting a debootstrap install ...

on Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 12:14:22PM -0500, e-bone (ebone@DotsAndLoops.net) wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian from a KNOPPIX cd,
> using debootstrap and chroot.
> I'm just curious. If debootstrap goes south for whatever reason ...
> (when trying to install sarge it couldn't find one of the files e.g.)
> (another time I ran out of memory (with no swap mounted) and it crapped
> out) ...

Add swap first ;-)

> is there anyway to restart this bugger where you left off ?

While I haven't tried breaking installs partway through:

  - Debian package management is idempotent, by policy.  That is:  if
    you need to interrupt and restart package installation, you're not
    going to break anything.  If you do break anything, it's a bug.
    File a bug report.

  - Most of the installation process is basic setup anyway:
    language, keyboard, parititioning, modules.  After that, you're at
    package selection.  See above.

> What if everything is downloaded and some stuff is configured and other
> stuff is not ...

See above.

More significantly:  when downloading packages, apt will pick up a
download where it left off if interrupted.

Once you've got your system(s) up and running, apt-proxy is a great way
to manage upgrades for multiple systems at a site.

> Can you basically just run dpkg to root out and configure stuff that
> needs configuring ?

If you need to install packages manually, I'd recommend aptitude in
either full-screen or command-line modes.

You generally *don't* use dpkg directly for package installation and
removal.  Though 'dpkg --configure --pending' can be useful when you've
borked something.

Otherwise, I generally just use dpkg for querying package state and
files ('dpkg -l <package list>', 'dpkg -L <package>', or 'dpkg
--get-selections', etc.).

> Then just edit your fstab, install lilo, and that's it ?

Pretty much.  For more info, see the 'chroot install' instructions in
the standard Debian installation manual, or at:


Note that the Installation Manual instructions are for dbootstrap, while
the TWikIWeThey ones are for a base tarball from Potato.  Otherwise,
pretty similar.

> An unrelated quetion:
> when using apt-cache show or aptitude is there a way to figure out
> which release (woody, sarge, etc) a version is associated with ?


But I forget how ;-)


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