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RE: I'm a newbie and would like help configuring x and kde

To install KDE, u need to type "apt-get install x-window-system kde" from
CLI and then, to get it running type "startkde" (this is presuming you have
you monitor and graphics card drivers installed).

Hope this worlks


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From: Geoffrey Lane [mailto:freeballer@rogers.com]
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Subject: I'm a newbie and would like help configuring x and kde

I'm a total newbie to debian and been using redhat for sometime now and it's
worked fine. I have tried knoppix for sometime too and love the package
management of debian and been thinking of switching but don't know exactly
how to get kde/gnome, X setup and working because redhat basically does
everything for you.
The debian setup seems to end without configuring X or setup of KDE or
I'd appreciate if someone could redirect me to a site, a newbie list or
get it setup on my dell inspiron so that I can have a gui.

Thanks for the time

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