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Re: D-link DFE-530tx


Kurt Sys (<Kurt.Sys@UGent.be>) wrote:

> I have to install a new computer. I install Debian Woody (3.0r1) from
> boot-CD (CD1 -- NON-US). Everything works fine except for one thing, I
> can't get my ethernet card to work. I found on the net several people
> with similar or the same problem, but I don't find an answer. So, here
> it is (again). The network card is a D-link DFE-530tx. Following
> different sources, I need the via-rhine module, but this won't work.
> Any other driver also doesn't work. Below, I give some outputs which
> may be helpful.
> What should be my next step?

The next spet I would try is to install using another kernel. Debian
offers several installation kernels on the first CD, including
2.4.18-bf2.4. Read the instructions after you boot from the CD. If you
already installed the system and everything works fine except the
network card, install some other kernel image via apt-get and try that
one. However most of the kernel images in packaged form are on CD 5.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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