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Re: Xawtv

Wayne Sitton <waynes@techgod.net> writes:

>ok this is another plea for help.  I've got an AverTV Studio tv
>tuner/fm radio/capture card.  I know it is supported because when I
>boot into Knoppix from a knoppix cd the card works perfectly.
>Under my Debian Sid installation, I get a picture, but no sound. 
>However the radio works fine when using gradio.  So, I'm sure the
>problem is in the xawtv.  I've tried to compile kwintv, but it doesn't
>seem to be able to find the QT installation.  i tried a program called
>zapping, but it locks up my system when I start it.
>I really would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right
>direction as to where to find look to find out why xawtv isn't playing

Hi, may be my previous message on this topic is of help (I'm so lazy I
didn't write it again.. :-)


Also, there should be a way to find the parameters Koppix sets up for
the different modules loaded. If you can get bttv's parameters, you
should be done.


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