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Re: fsck seg. fault Please Help!

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, matt wrote:

> hi, the other day my woody machine just kinda stopped working...upon a
> reboot i learned via beep-codes that the ram had failed.  i broke out the
> shop-vac and cleaned it out and it started to boot...here's where the
> troubble began...
> "Unable to andle kernel paging request at virtual address >>blabla hex<<

I've seen this message (or something very similar) when I had a bad
stick of RAM... did you replace your RAM or just vacuum the dust off?

> but seriously, what other utils can i use instead of fsck to repair the
> drive?

There is a low level tool (can't remember the name and a quick search
through packages.debian.org didn't find it, may also only be in
unstable or testing) but you'd need to know the structure of the fs at
the bits level to use it.

If fsck is able to recover a block (or sequence of blocks) but doesn't
know where they belong it will place them in lost+found (each
partition has one) -- you then need to manually look at the data,
figure out what it is, and cp it to where it should be... not fun, and
really only worth it for stuff you can't just download again or
configure up.

- Bruce

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