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fsck seg. fault Please Help!

hi, the other day my woody machine just kinda stopped working...upon a
reboot i learned via beep-codes that the ram had failed.  i broke out the
shop-vac and cleaned it out and it started to boot...here's where the
troubble began...

none of the rc scripts ran, and many other problems (couldn't login due
to pam libs not loaded, etc.)

i booted to a potato, and later tried woody rescue disks.  running fsck
-p /dev/sda2 tells me to run manually.....did that and there were
thousands of problems that were repaired, but then fsck caused a
segmentation fault!

here's some of the output...
>>cleared a few illegal blocks<<
"Unable to andle kernel paging request at virtual address >>blabla hex<<
current->tss.cr3 = 08d18000, %cr3 = 08d18000"
>>if you want all the stack dumps etc, let me know<<
"Code: 8b 12 39 78 04 75 f3 39 68 08 75 ee 66 39 70 0c 75 e8 89 c2
Segmentation fault"

HELP ME! i need to recover my home directory!  i've learned my lesson and
promise to make use of my tape drive from now on to backup!

but seriously, what other utils can i use instead of fsck to repair the

when i mount the partition, i can ls / fine, but ls /home/matt lists one
directory, then reports ".:input/output error"


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