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Re: phonetic symbols

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Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 00:59
Subject: Re: phonetic symbols

> On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, L.F. wrote:
> >  I can't convert the  Windows file into pdf in Windows because I don't
> > the Acrobat Reader program;
> ---right.
> In Linux the pdf is free but in Windows it costs
> > 600 euros.
> ----expected.
> > Email the file to me, if you like  -- I'll convert it for you on
> > Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable
> >
> > Thanks a lot to Cam Ellison!
> >
> ---cool.
>  Actually I found a pdf I had from Windows and it works wonderfully In
> ----great.
> > but the problem is that I keep adding information to that old file, so
> > pdf is not up to date any more and I need to sort it out in Debian.
> ---there are no progrmas that I know of in Win, Linux, mac that edit pdfs.
> Pdfs are supposed to be an OUTPUT format.
>  Now I have another problem with OpenOffice: this file has over 1000
pages; as
> > it was so big OpenOffice took ages to add a single word, so I decided to
> > 8 small files with just over 100 pages each.
> ---Good move. Also, why not make the big document into 'chapters'
> documents.
>  In Windows 1995, 1998, 2000 it
> > worked very well that way and less well with over 1000 pages
> ---expected.
> but with
> > OpenOffice it takes a long time to add one word in just one of the 8
> > files and there is also a terrible problem:
> --ok. I guess you could get OpenOffice (OO) 1.1 (the latest) to see if
> that helps.
> when I converted the file from
> > Windows to Debian  there was sometimes a blank space between a word and
> > following one;
> --a problem may people have is that they type the document in wrong the
> first time. They use the space bar and not the tab. This makes spacing
> inconsistent. This can cause the problem you described,
>  in the original file there was no such a blank space; for
> > example, suppose that "because" is in the middle of a line and the next
> > "there ..."  is not in the same line but at the beginning of the
> > line; if I try to put  "there ..." behind "because to eliminate the
> > space, it takes a few minutes and does it; apparently everything is
> ---not sure. maybe you have to 'refresh' the view. try 'save' 'close'
> 'open'. and see if the text reappears.
> I
> > save the file and when I open it again, all the words that were after
> > until the end of the paragraph, maybe 30 lines, have disappeared. So I
> > to find another older file to copy those 30 lines and paste it again;
> > otherwise I can't recover those 30 lines any more. That has happened to
me at
> > leat 5 times, so I am terrified about the whole thing.
> See above comment. Sounds strange.
> I tried with KWord but
> > it is even worse, it doesn't convert some pages throughout the file; it
> > just horrible.
> --kword does not open .doc(?) and does not have as good formating/features
> as OO. Maybe try abiword.
> > I certainly think that Linux is wonderful as far as the Internet is
> > because there are no viruses and it doesn't reboot every once in a while
> > Windows when there is a small error but as far as word processing is
> > concerned I am disappointed;
> ---Well OO is trying to copy Word with no help from MS. I think they did a
> damn good job considering how word keeps changing.
> maybe it has to do with the fact that the 8
> > files were not written in Linux originally but I am thinking about the
> > possibility of installing Windows as well in another disk just for the
> > processor because at the moment I have the problem of the fonts and on
top of
> > it the problem of disappearance of many words without any reason at all.
> ---Consider if you did the document in OO first and then wanted it in PDF.
> No prob. And then someone wanted it in DOC. There probably would have been
> the same types of probs. But there is a version of OO in Windows.
> >
> I have to solve both problems; my friend is helping me with the first one
> >
> thanks to all the help that some of you have given me but can somebody
> > me to solve the second one before I decide to install Word from Windows
> > well?
> -- What type of document is this. It sounds like a long document like a
> Thesis. Linux has very powerful and somewhat easy tools for the creation
> of long documents and books. Those maybe a great thing to consider for
> this project. And would be a great continuation to your free software
> education. I'm sure someone here could comment on the use of tex, docbook
> or other formats for creating long documents especcialy in the case that
> the document contains special linguistic symbols. Any investment in this
> would pay a great rewards!
>   -kev
My first contact with UNIX was truly impresive due to the ease and variety
of text handling tools.  vi, sed, cat, & others.
Therefore I find it difficult to understand why there is such difficulty.
The only difficulty I would have is converting the result into pdf. I doubt
that I would do that unless there was a very good reason. Remember
nroff -m(x).

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