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Re: phonetic symbols

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, L.F. wrote:

>  I can't convert the  Windows file into pdf in Windows because I don't have
> the Acrobat Reader program;
In Linux the pdf is free but in Windows it costs
> 600 euros.
> Email the file to me, if you like  -- I'll convert it for you on myMac.Cam--
> Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable Sunshine
> Coastcam(at)ellisonet(dot)cacamellison(at)dccnet(dot)comcam(at)fleuryassociates(dot)com
> Thanks a lot to Cam Ellison!
 Actually I found a pdf I had from Windows and it works wonderfully In Debian
> but the problem is that I keep adding information to that old file, so that
> pdf is not up to date any more and I need to sort it out in Debian.
---there are no progrmas that I know of in Win, Linux, mac that edit pdfs.
Pdfs are supposed to be an OUTPUT format.
 Now I have another problem with OpenOffice: this file has over 1000 pages; as
> it was so big OpenOffice took ages to add a single word, so I decided to make
> 8 small files with just over 100 pages each.
---Good move. Also, why not make the big document into 'chapters'
 In Windows 1995, 1998, 2000 it
> worked very well that way and less well with over 1000 pages

but with
> OpenOffice it takes a long time to add one word in just one of the 8 small
> files and there is also a terrible problem:
--ok. I guess you could get OpenOffice (OO) 1.1 (the latest) to see if
that helps.

when I converted the file from
> Windows to Debian  there was sometimes a blank space between a word and the
> following one;
--a problem may people have is that they type the document in wrong the
first time. They use the space bar and not the tab. This makes spacing
inconsistent. This can cause the problem you described,

 in the original file there was no such a blank space; for
> example, suppose that "because" is in the middle of a line and the next word
> "there ..."  is not in the same line but at the beginning of the following
> line; if I try to put  "there ..." behind "because to eliminate the blank
> space, it takes a few minutes and does it; apparently everything is fine;
---not sure. maybe you have to 'refresh' the view. try 'save' 'close'
'open'. and see if the text reappears.

> save the file and when I open it again, all the words that were after "there"
> until the end of the paragraph, maybe 30 lines, have disappeared. So I have
> to find another older file to copy those 30 lines and paste it again;
> otherwise I can't recover those 30 lines any more. That has happened to me at
> leat 5 times, so I am terrified about the whole thing.
See above comment. Sounds strange.

I tried with KWord but
> it is even worse, it doesn't convert some pages throughout the file; it is
> just horrible.
--kword does not open .doc(?) and does not have as good formating/features
as OO. Maybe try abiword.

> I certainly think that Linux is wonderful as far as the Internet is concerned
> because there are no viruses and it doesn't reboot every once in a while like
> Windows when there is a small error but as far as word processing is
> concerned I am disappointed;
---Well OO is trying to copy Word with no help from MS. I think they did a
damn good job considering how word keeps changing.

maybe it has to do with the fact that the 8
> files were not written in Linux originally but I am thinking about the
> possibility of installing Windows as well in another disk just for the Word
> processor because at the moment I have the problem of the fonts and on top of
> it the problem of disappearance of many words without any reason at all.
---Consider if you did the document in OO first and then wanted it in PDF.
No prob. And then someone wanted it in DOC. There probably would have been
the same types of probs. But there is a version of OO in Windows.

I have to solve both problems; my friend is helping me with the first one
thanks to all the help that some of you have given me but can somebody help
> me to solve the second one before I decide to install Word from Windows as
> well?


-- What type of document is this. It sounds like a long document like a
Thesis. Linux has very powerful and somewhat easy tools for the creation
of long documents and books. Those maybe a great thing to consider for
this project. And would be a great continuation to your free software
education. I'm sure someone here could comment on the use of tex, docbook
or other formats for creating long documents especcialy in the case that
the document contains special linguistic symbols. Any investment in this
would pay a great rewards!


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