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Re: mkfs.msdos, FAT 32 and wrong disksize

Lukas writes:

  > > I have not had
  > > any problems with the schedule:
  > >
  > > 1 - win fdisk 2 - linux fdisk 3 - win format (for all vfat) 4 -
  > > linux mkfs (for all ext2/3)
  > >
  > My way for doing things like that:
  > 1 - cfdisk, partion all the disk as you want to
  > 2 - install Windows and re-create the partitions for Windows only (no
  >     overhead since this costs only two more keystrokes IIRC).
  > 3 - install Linux -- for safety reasons because it happened some time
  >     ago that "nice" Windows deleted all the things found on a
  >     harddisk.

I left installing out, since I wasn't sure whether this was part of
your needs. Apart from that, your schedule differs only in that you
run the (c)fdisks in reverse order (if re-creating the partitions
means running Win fdisk prior to installing it). I have basically no
idea whether this actually makes any difference. Neither have I any
negative experience with doing everything with Linux [c]fdisk (as long
as one obeys to Windows' demands), but I just stumbled over the
advice and thought if they say it, they must know why...

The reason why I would be so cautious is merely that if something is
spoiled while partioning and formatting, everything can be assumed to
be spoiled.

Regards (and wish you success), 


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