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Re: Getting HP to support Debian

> As do I.  However, my point about the preinstall, is that you at least
> *know* that everything works under Linux if they preinstall it.  As it
> stands now, you never really know if all the hardware is supported.
> Even if they would sell it blank (no OS) and certify that it works
> with Linux, I would be happy with that (since I wouldn't have to pay
> the M$ tax).  I would actually prefer the latter arrangement, since I
> would likely wipe whatever version was on there and install my own.
> -Roberto

About midsummer I bought two HP pavilions for about 2500 dollars, I
tried to buy them with Linux installed for the same reason, that is, as
assurance that it would work under linux, since I was going to switch to
debian anyway, but Linux systems can be bought only through the bussines
section of www.hp.com I finally decided to go with the windows ones,
because no matter how much I tried, for same or comparable systems they
were charging me about 200 more in the Linux preinstalled systems. That
really stinks. So, from my pocket point of view, even paying the M$ tax
was less expensive. I figure that they were collecting extra money for
the work, or perhaps a freak lack of coordination between the different

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