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Re: Simple little basic config questions

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Haines Brown wrote:

> > Please don't CC me.  (If somehow my sig isn't clear enough, please let
> > me know how I can make it so.)
> My apologies. The current auto CC: is something I did not have before,
> and so I'm not used to removing that line. I was aware I had forgotten
> to do that as soon as I had sent the message to you.
> > Oh wait a minute.  I just looked at my .bashrc, etc and think I've
> > noticed the problem.
> >
> > Try simply doing this:
> >
> > DISPLAY=:0.0
> > export DISPLAY
> Seems to have brought some progress. Now, when I su - root and run:
>       echo $DISPLAY
>       :0.0
> But apparently, all that does is to say that I've successfully
> assigned the value ":0.0" to DISPLAY, but it does not seem to have
> been exported.
> That is I run an application that calls for display :0.0 and it still
> fails:
>   Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
>   Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to server
> Haines
each user has a session and a session key. this key is used to
authenticate yourself to the Xserver. Root as a key and each user does.
so when you login as user and then switch to root, it tried to use your
root key to access the user session-- no go. one solution is:
user% xhost +
user% su
root! xcalc
but this is an insecure hack since in says anyone can snoop on your
xserver. but if you are not on the net or have a firewall it may be used,

the better solution is to 'merge' your X authenticaion key database but I
forgot the command.


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