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Re: bit of help for new debian user....

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 at 16:07 GMT, Matt Eberhardt penned:
>> Is your routing set up properly ? When you traceroute to your isp do
>> you
> see
>> anything weird ?  Sounds like a routing problem to me. Or an isp
>> problem ....
>> hth Elie De Brauwer
> Actually, it needed a reboot.... in hindsight, i probably could have
> gotten by with just a network restart. I had been playing with ip
> failover and ip address changing, I am thinking that mucked something
> up and something needed a restart

Very, very few things on linux require a reboot ... but when I first
started using linux, it was often easier for me to reboot the machine
than to figure out what specifically needed to be restarted.

Congrats on getting it working!

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