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Re: xterm title and xconsole


Lukas Ruf <ruf@rawip.org> writes:

> Jaume & Nick, thanks!
> > JG <j2003gi@yahoo.es> [2003-10-29 11:01]:
> >
> > Add a line like
> >
> > Style "XTerm"      NoTitle
> >
> > to your ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc . You can find examples of .fvwm2rc files
> if I corretyl understand, this would lead to all xterm being started
> without title.  However, I would like to have only specific xterm
> windows being started without title.  Thus, if I correctly understand
> the manpage of xterm, I would need to start xterm with the -name
> option and define a line in my .fvwm2rc accordingly, right?


> From man:
>  -name name
>          This   option   specifies  the  application  name  under  which
>          resources are to be obtained,  rather  than  the  default  exe-
>          cutable  file  name.   Name  should  not contain ``.'' or ``*''
>          characters.
> but isn't there a way to start xterm from the command line?
> Sorry if I was no precise enough before.

I think that it should work. i.e.:

Style "myterm"  NoTitle

in .fvwm2rc and, from a command line

xterm -name myterm &

should give you an xterm without a title bar.

Hope this helps,


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