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Re: Mutt displays mail twice... :-s

* [28/10/2003 14:09] Wayne Topa <brittman@capital.net>:

> > Hm. As a matter of fact, I have the same polling lines from my
> > .fetchmailrc in /etc/fetchmailrc, but I thought this wouldn't matter,
> > since I have "no keep" at the end of those lines? Doesn't "no keep" mean
> > to delete mail at the server once retrieved?
> Kinda, except you entered it wrong.
> [from man fetchmail]
> -K | --nokeep
>       (Keyword: nokeep)

Hm. I had read (also in man fetchmail):

no keep            â??K    Delete seen messages  from  server

Anyway. It's the default, so I'll just remove that part. :-)


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