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Re: Mutt + Vim tricks (replace Nano)

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 at 04:24 GMT, Bill Moseley penned:
> See why I miss ^U for undo?  I imagined vim users had keys mapped to
> do all those common tasks.

I can't speak for others, but me, I'd rather type 4 or 5 characters near
the home row than have to use alt or control.  Much easier to extend the
pinky for esc than to move it for those two, too.

Also, a great thing about vi/vim is that the keystrokes you learn become
building blocks to bigger and better things.  Okay, so first you learn
d, then you learn dd.  Then you learn y, and then you learn that yy also
acts on the whole line.  You learn that dw deletes a word, and now you
konw that yw copies a word.  Then maybe someone shows you c5w, and now
you know that you can apply the same with the other commands ...

I found that with vim, the initial learning curve was steep, but once I
got going, I picked up whole classes of behaviors just by learning one
more keystroke.  This is the power of vi.

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