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Re: Mutt + Vim tricks (replace Nano)

On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 10:58:43PM -0500, Will Trillich wrote:
> > | Control-W to toggle wrap mode (which would be toggle paste mode in
> > |   Vim)
> another approach could be
> 	:set pastetoggle=<F9>
> and use F9 whether in insert mode or not...

Oh, that's perfect.  Thanks.  Any reason not to map that to ^W
so I don't have to remember which editor I'm using?

> > | Control-K to kill a link.
> like html? as in all text between < and >? (see :help html)a

No, that's my bad typing.  I meant kill a line.  I find nano nice for
95% of what I'm doing in mail, type, re-justify (^J) and delete lines
(^K).  But that other 5% that vim gives me is really nice.  So I'm
really trying to use vim as if it was nano.  Still, I feel like I'm
using a lot more keystrokes using vim than nano.  I need to learn a lot

> > | And maybe Control-U to undo
> > 
> > ^U is still there.
> eh? by default, ^U scrolls up half a screen. lower-case "u" is
> the default 'undo' for vi (and vim). and ^R is the default re-do.

That's what my help says, too.  But Ctrl+U right now is deleting the
current line.

Here's something that bugs me.  I often type something like this text
and then below I want to paste in some text.  So, I move down a line,
then middle click the mouse to paste in.  But then I forgot to turn on
paste mode, so I hit Esc and "u" to undo, but it then undoes not only
what I just pasted but all the text I just typed.

I guess I need to learn to undo just the current paragraph.  I suppose
vim (not gvim) has no idea when I'm typing vs pasting with the middle

> *nix is customizable. if you work hard enough, you might munge
> up enough keybindings in vim to fool the casual observer into
> thinking he's using wordstar.
> but then you'll also surprise every vi user on the block into
> not being able to use your editor. and WHEN YOU'RE AWAY FROM
> HOME, you'd have to have your settings with you everywhere you
> go, or be rather confusedly lost.
> might wanna consider creating custom keystrokes for your own
> shortcuts and macros, but go ahead and utilize the features vim
> has 'out of the box' without redefining everything.

I could not agree more.  I just need to become efficient enough with vim
to feel like it's not more work than using another editor.  With nano
when I add some text to a paragraph and need to re-justify I just hit
^J.  In Vim I'm hitting Esc+g+q+a+p and then I forget to move back into
insert mode and start typing.  Hard to believe that's how others are
using vim.

> :)
> just a thought.

Which I appreciate.  I need all the help I can get! ;)

Bill Moseley

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