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Re: Mutt + Vim tricks (replace Nano)

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:26:23PM -0400, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 02:13:58PM -0700, Bill Moseley wrote:
> | I'm finding with vim as my mail editor I jump in and out of insert mode
> | for things that are kind of basic.  I miss from Nano:
> | 
> | Control-A/Contrl-E for ^ and $

:map <C-a> 0
:imap <C-a> <ESC>0i
:map <C-a> ^
:imap <C-a> <ESC>^i

:map <C-e> $
:imap <C-e> <ESC>$a

> | Control-J to justify

:map <C-J> gqip
:imap <C-J> <ESC>gqip{

> | Control-W to toggle wrap mode (which would be toggle paste mode in
> |   Vim)

another approach could be
	:set pastetoggle=<F9>
and use F9 whether in insert mode or not...

> | Control-K to kill a link.

like html? as in all text between < and >? (see :help html)

> | And maybe Control-U to undo
> ^U is still there.

eh? by default, ^U scrolls up half a screen. lower-case "u" is
the default 'undo' for vi (and vim). and ^R is the default re-do.


here's the deal --

*nix is customizable. if you work hard enough, you might munge
up enough keybindings in vim to fool the casual observer into
thinking he's using wordstar.

but then you'll also surprise every vi user on the block into
not being able to use your editor. and WHEN YOU'RE AWAY FROM
HOME, you'd have to have your settings with you everywhere you
go, or be rather confusedly lost.

might wanna consider creating custom keystrokes for your own
shortcuts and macros, but go ahead and utilize the features vim
has 'out of the box' without redefining everything.


just a thought.

I use Debian/GNU Linux version 3.0;
Linux boss 2.4.18-bf2.4 #1 Son Apr 14 09:53:28 CEST 2002 i586 unknown
DEBIAN NEWBIE TIP #60 from Vineet Kumar <debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net>
Try browsing these:
	Mutt config files: http://www.guckes.net/mutt/
	Mutt FAQ by Fefe:  http://www.fefe.de/muttfaq/muttrc
Also look for some great ~/.vimrc ideas there, too.

Also see http://newbieDoc.sourceForge.net/ ...

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